We are learning to:
  • use non standard equipment to measure
  • compare two measurements
  • use measurement words to talk about our learning
Success Criteria

  • Start in the correct place
  • Use the same equipment (size) to measure something
  • Put equipment close together, without spaces
  • Measure in a straight line
  • Use words like: measure, long, wide, narrow, longer than, shorter than, wider than, narrower than, the same as
This is a photo of Olivia ordering her gingerbread men from smallest to biggest.

This is a video of Olivia proving which car has gone further and explaining how she knows.

Physical Education

Learning Intention: 
I am learning to use the right force and the side of my foot to get my ball between the cones.

Success Criteria:
I will be successful when my ball goes between the cones without touching them.

Well done Olivia. You are using the side of your foot correctly.